Sharing pages
Dolphyn is built to be super collaborative β€” you can share Dolphyn pages with clients, teammates, collaborators, or even the whole internet! πŸ“£

The share menu

The Share menu is available at the top right of every page.
Click the Share button at the top right of a page to see the share menu.
  • Each row in this menu represents a different person or group of people you can share the page with. In the menu above for this page:
    • Share to web is turned off, so only you and your teammates can see this page.
    • Everyone at PiedPiper means everyone in the workspace has full access to this page.
    • Sherlock Holmes and John Watson are examples of team members. Sherlock has edit access. He will be able to make edits and invite additional people. John can only comment on the page.
  • The dropdown menus on the right let you set their level of access.
  • Copy link copies the page's unique URL to your clipboard so you can share it with whoever you want. Still, only people with access to the page can see it.
  • Add people lets you add people both inside or outside your workspace to a page using their email address.
    • External folks will be added as guests.
    • You can assign both guests and other workspace members a level of access using the dropdown menus:

Share with your whole workspace

You can collaborate with other people in Dolphyn by adding them as members to your workspace These can be your teammates at work, friends, or anyone you want to work with on pages. There are a few ways to share Dolphyn pages with other members so you can work together:
  • All pages in the overall workspace are shared with collaborators by default
  • In the Share menu, you can turn on access for Everyone at [workspace] at a certain level selected from the dropdown.

Share with individuals

Sometimes you'll want to share a page with select individuals.
  • Click Share at the top right of a page you want to share with these members.
  • Click the Add people button and add the members you want by typing in their email addresses. You can set their access levels from the dropdown in the invite window.

Share to the web

To make a page viewable on the web or to share it with people who don't use Dolphyn, you can turn on Share to the web. Anyone with the link will be able to see it.
Quick instructions for making pages public:
  • Click on Share at the top right of the page you want to publish to the web.
  • Click Copy link to copy the page's unique URL to share.
  • Only people with the page's unique URL will be able to see it.

Permission levels

This is where Dolphyn's sharing options get nuanced and granular. For every person or group you share with, you can assign a different level of access. For example, this is helpful if:
  • You want only a few people to edit a page, while everyone else reads it.
  • You want some pages to only be visible to a specific team.
  • You only want to collect comments on a page.

How to edit permissions

Whenever you invite someone to a page, or click on Share, you'll see right-hand dropdown menus next to people or groups that let you select their level of access: Full access, Can edit, Can comment, and Can view.
  • Full access: People with full access to a page can edit any of the content it contains and share the page with anyone they want using all the mechanisms in this guide.
  • Can edit: Select this level of access for people or groups who should be able to edit the content on the page, but not share the page.
  • Can comment: Select this level of access for people who should only have the ability to comment on a page's content, not actually edit it. They also can't share the page with others.
  • Can view: People with this level of access can read the content on the page, but not comment on it or edit it. They also can't share the page with others.

Stop sharing

If you have full access to a page, you can disable sharing with anyone at any time.
  • Click on Share at the top right of the page, and switch off access for your workspace, individuals, or the public. You can also select No access from the dropdown next to any of these.

See who's sharing a page

You can tell who else has access to a page because their avatars can be seen in the bar at the very top of the page.
  • An avatar appears faded out if that person is not currently looking at the page.
  • An avatar appears unfaded if the person is currently on the page.
  • Hovering over an avatar will show you the person's name, email, and when they were last on the page.
  • Click β€’β€’β€’ at the top right of any page and look at the bottom of the menu that pops up. You'll see who last edited the page and when.