Presentation mode
Share complex technical analyses with non-technical stakeholders in an easy to consume fashion β€” all in just a click. πŸ“ˆ
Presentation mode hides all code cells on a page, leaving the outputs and other low code blocks such as tables and charts.
Often when working on technical analysis, you may want to present your ideas and findings with a less technical crowd, where your code may be getting in the way of your story telling. Presentation mode helps cut through the noise and present a coherent written analysis to your stakeholders, clients and collaborators.

Toggling on or off presentation mode

To enable (or disable) presentation mode, click on the more menu ... at the top right of a page, and adjust the toggle for Presentation mode.
When presentation mode is toggled on, you β€” the editor, will notice a yellow banner across the top indicating that presentation mode is enabled and that code is hidden from the page.