Schedule runs
Execute a page to run on a schedule every minute, hour, day, week or month.
Any page in the workspace can be run on a schedule. Some example use cases:
  • Refreshing values in a live report (eg. based on stock prices)
  • Retraining a machine learning model daily on new data
  • Batch processing of a model

Schedule a page to run

You can pick your schedule, its as simple as scheduling a recurring event in Google Calendar. Navigate to the dropdown button next to Run All . Toggle on scheduling to expose the frequency picking UI. Your page will run at the desired frequency.
You will be notified in-app, and (optionally) by email about any pages that have been run.

Viewing scheduled runs

You can see all of the scheduled runs by clicking on the clock icon available at the top right on the header. It will show you a view of all of the page runs.
From there you can click on a run to see the snapshot of the page run.

Knowing which pages have been scheduled

You can quickly glance at which pages have been scheduled to run. In your workspace, a clock icon next to the page title indicates whether a page is currently running on a schedule.