What is a block?
Think of Dolphyn as a bottomless bin of building blocks. Pull in and work with data however you'd like. Every page in Dolphyn is composed of many "blocks". 🧱

Everything in Dolphyn is a "block"

When you create your first page in Dolphyn and begin writing some python, you've started with a code block. But Dolphyn pages can contain a lot more than just code.
Imagine every piece of content you add to a page β€” whether it's code, text, or a table β€” as a single building block. Every page is a stack of blocks combined however you want.
Tip: Hit the / key on your keyboard to see all the different types of content you can add.

Tell beautiful stories with your data

Dolphyn is as powerful or as lightweight as you need it to be, and blocks enable you to tell all kinds of stories with your data, exactly the way you want.
Last modified 5mo ago