Quickly plot your data in various ways using chart blocks.

Adding a chart block

We're constantly improving charts to make your data exploration, visualization and story telling better. Have any issues or feedback? Email us at [email protected].

Add a source

Open the / menu and search for 'table' or type /chart to add a table block. Use the source dropdown to select either a dataframe that's in memory, or a CSV that's been uploaded to your workspace. Learn more about uploading files.
The source popup shows dataframes that are in memory, as well as CSV files available in your workspace.

Changing the chart type

Coming soon: You'll be able to change the type per series.
You can adjust the chart type via the chart type dropdown, located next to the source dropdown. Choose between a number of different chart types.
The dropdown next to the chart source enables you to quickly toggle different chart types.

Series-level options

To add or update the series' rendered in the chart, hover over it and click on Datasets at the top right. From here you'll be able to:
  • Add or update the series being displayed
  • Change the color of each series
  • Change the aggregation type
Click on Datasets to adjust the series of a chart.